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The quality of materials during the production process is affected by temperature. Due to the nature of some of the alloy manufacturing and production processes (target aggressiveness, high speed motion, etc.), non-contact measuring devices are required to ensure the correct temperature during the production process.

The results provided by conventional optics pyrometers are influenced by several factors: non-linear and unstable relationship between emissivity and temperature; variations in object surface conditions; variations in optical path transmission due to intermediate media such as dust, smoke and grease between the pyrometer and the measured object; and effect of light reflected from external radiation sources. Another factor that causes partial object sighting is the fluctuation of objects within optical pyrometer field of view.

The PM-3000 pyrometer is specifically designed to overcome emissivity variations and environment problems and provide accurate continuous temperature measurements. This is done by utilizing measurements of infrared radiation emitted from the target at several wavelengths, analyzing the signal and calculating two parameters:


The pyrometer temperature measurement method utilizes the fact that objects emit thermal radiation in an amount that directly corresponds to their own temperature and surface emissivity.

The pyrometer detects the amount of infrared emitted by the measured object (target). The infrared signal is analyzed and the temperature it represents is analyzed by built-in microprocessor. The calculated value is transmitted to a PLC/PC, or displayed on the optional digital display. Below is a block diagram of the system.


The sensor consists of an optical system for detecting the thermal radiation that is emitted by the object, and a microprocessor for processing the signals.


NOTE: Other temperature ranges are available for special applications. Please call ASC for further information.


Advanced logging software enables cross profile temperature measurement and logging. Data may be used to control cooling sprinkles inside cooling system, thus achieving uniform cooling across the profile.


PM-3000 Pyrometer



The precise placement of pyrometers in the extrusion line is essential in achieving continuous accurate results. The PM-3000-SC scanning pyrometer automatic aiming system ensures that the pyrometer camera is automatically locked onto the target at all the times guaranteeing accurate results every time.


Selection of scanning modes:


Billet Furnace Exit / Billet Loader:
The system scans the billet along its length, providing the true temperature of the billet skin. The system operates in automatic mode and manual. This allows for temperature monitoring in isothermal extrusion, where taper heating/cooling of the billet along its longitudinal axis is a prerequisite.

Profile Temperature
The PM-3000-SC scanning pyrometer can be automatically or manually aimed at the profile. This feature is especially helpful for multi-cavity-dies where each profile temperature can be separately detected.

Cooling Table:
The accurate placement of the pyrometer above the cooling table has posed difficulties. The PM-3000-SC pyrometer scanner automatically locates the camera on the profile, which may move crosswise on the Running Table, thus ensure an accurate continuous reading.

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