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The MWS-3000-K-24 gauge is a level meter based upon FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) radar signal. It is designed for measuring distance, level, volume and reflectivity of liquids, pastes, slurries, and solids. It can also form part of an overfill protection system.

The MWS-3000-K-24 is a new-generation level meter with a wizard-driven setup, fully potted electronic subassemblies.

Today most popular sensors types at industry applications that could meet the performance requirements for high-accuracy non-contact level measurement are laser, acoustic, microwave radar. While laser and acoustic sensors work well in liquid level measurement, they become helpless at conditions of high dust level, strong air current and extremely high noise.

The whole measuring system consists of a flange system and a signal converter. The flange system includes the microwave window, which protects the converter electronics from the process and the antenna system. The compact signal converter contains the microwave generator and the entire signal processing system, including provision of a 4-20mA DC output signal or digital interface.


The FMCW-radar transmits a high frequency signal whose frequency increases linearly during the measurement phase. The signal emitted via an antenna, is reflected on the measuring surface and received after a time delay t. For further signal processing, the difference df is calculated from the actual transmit frequency and the received frequency. The difference is directly proportional to the distance, i.e., a large frequency difference corresponds to a large distance and vice versa.

The frequency difference is transformed via a Fourier transformation (FFT) into a frequency spectrum and then the distance is calculated from the spectrum.

Internal Signal Processing


Level measurement using plate at 45 angle for signal reflection


Microwave oscillation power5mW
Measures per second1
Accuracy3mm 0.03% of measured distance
(if > 10 m)
Measuring range0.5 to 80m (1,5 to 262 ft)
Output4-20mA or 3.8 - 20.5mA / HART
Error signal3.6mA and 22mA
Ambient temperature-40° to 80°C (-40° to 175°F)
Flange temperature-40° to 200°C (-40° to 300°F)
Operating pressure-1 to 40 bar
Antenna typeLength: 125mm Diameter: 75mm (3")
Weight 11kg (24.3 lb)
Length305 mm (12")
Sweep (resolution)2GHz
A/D converter16 bits
Gain steps8
Transmission angle (with the vertical)
Curved ExtensionNo

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