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The KHC-500 is an insulating outer jacket for the ASC sensors. It is custom-made using Kevlar material, and is recommended for high ambient condition applications.

This woven Kevlar fabric of an Arimid fiber blend over a carbon core yarn aluminized one side.

It is used against intense radiant heat from bright red, yellow, or orange material at relatively short range. It is resistant to reflected heat sources and offers thermal protection to 343°C (650°F).

Molten iron splash heat transfer chart


Base fabric:Aramid cover with “PAN” insert
Color / appearance Aluminized 1 side, light pea-green reverse
Weave style 2/2 herringbone twill
Fabric weight 19.1 (649 mg / sq m)
Fabric thickness1.07 mm (0.042”)
Warp strength100 kg / 2.54 cm (220 lbs / in)
Fill strength 61 kg / 2.54 cm (135 lbs / in)
Abrasion resistance excellent
Thermal conductivity 0.645 (ASTM C-177)
“K” factor (BTU x in /hr x sqft x deg.F)
Total conductance 21.70 (ASTM C-177)
“C” factor (BTU x sqft x deg.F)
Total resistance 0.046 (ASTM C-177)
“R” factor (ht x sqftxdeg.F/Btu)
Coating / lamination Mylar film aluminium laminate
Solvent resistance n/a
Sunlight & age resistance base fabric is partially UV sensitive
Electrical properties n/a

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