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Now available with Standard or FOCUSED spot size.
You can now order either the standard 40mm @ 1m spot size or the NEW 20mm @ 1m Spot size.

The Quick-Release Tubus Latch

You asked for it and we listened!!! American Sensors introduces our new quick-release tubus latch. This heavy duty stainless steel latch allows for lowering and raising the tubus with just one hand. You can lower the tubus, clean the front glass and raise it again effortlessly using just one hand in less than a minute.

Representatives Wanted

American Sensors Corp. is currently seeking qualified representatives to sell our infrared and laser based sensor and system products to the steelmaking and metalworking industries. We are currently seeking representatives for the Northeast United States, Western United States, and Europe.

If your company would be interested in partnering with us to represent American Sensors Corp., please contact us at (412) 242 5903 or

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