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American Sensors Corp.
The Ultimate in Precision Steel/Aluminum Mill Sensors & Systems

American Sensors Corp. is a USA manufacturer of high performance, state of the art sensors and systems technologies for the steel and metal industries. We are headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. Our products are designed for Accuracy, Reliability and High Performance.

American Sensors Corp. manufactures advanced, non-contact infrared and laser sensors that accurately detect hot metal presence, measure distance and temperature.

Since our establishment as F.R. Industries, Inc. in 1977, by our founder, Francois Reizine, we have been engaged in the design, sales, after sales service, support and distributing of a complete line of electronic sensors and systems to the North American and worldwide market. We have continually adapted to provide quality sensors and components to the growing and changing needs of the steel, aluminum and metal industries. In 1993, American Sensors Corp. was formed to manufacture in Pittsburgh, PA our own high quality, high reliability, cost competitive line of advanced non-contact infrared and laser sensors and system products.

American Sensors Corp's strength is based on our track record, reputation and after sales service. Our products are robust, sturdy and built to resist the harsh, tough environmental conditions found in steel mills and other material processing plants.

American Sensors Corp. has direct sales and service worldwide through established agents, distributors and representative organizations.

American Sensors Corp's technology and products are used all over the world for hundreds of applications to optimize automatic control, increase productivity, improve quality and reduce maintenance.

American Sensors Corp's products have endured the test of time.

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