Precision Steel Mill Perfomance

Infrared Hot Metal Detectors and Loop Scanners,
Laser and Microwave Meters, Sensors and Systems

ASC Sensor
Accurate and Reliable through
Water, Steam, Dust and Scale

Hot Metal Detectors

  • Tracking
  • Positioning
  • Cut-to-length

Infrared Scanners

  • Loop control
  • Measuring position
  • Edge positioning/centering
  • Width/speed measurements

Absolute and Accurate Pyrometers

  • Multiple wavelength pyrometers
  • Optional scanning across the width
  • Precise temperature measurement
  • Precise emissivity reading

Laser and Microwave Optical Barrier Sensors

  • Tracking
  • Positioning
  • Hot and cold detection
  • Without emitter or reflectors

Laser Microwave Acoustic Range Finders

  • Level monitoring
  • Distance/length measurements
  • Position of entry at reheat furnace

Autofocus Laser Doppler Velocimeters

  • Speed measurement
  • Length measurement
  • Mass flow calculations

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